Smart Choice is a startup company. They are a web based pre-adjudicative program that can be successfully utilized by the courts for first-time underage drinking offenders. Smart Choice hired us for their logo, branding, website design, and their other business collateral needs.

Logo Design

Smart Choice left the initial logo design concept completely up to iDesign Pittsburgh.

The thought here was to project the concept of changing your decisions in order to put your life on a different path – out of the criminal justice system. We presented Smart Choice with five initial logo design concepts, including the 4 below:

Logo Design Progression





Final Logo Design:

Smart Choice Logo Pittsburgh PA





The final logo design was the last design in the initial group. Smart Choice immediately selected this concept.


Logo Branding Sheet


Branding Guideline Sheet

After the logo was finalized, iDesign Pittsburgh also provided a logo branding-guideline sheet  in a .pdf file. This is a logo specification that helps clients to visually see how the logo should best be represented. This keeps continuity of color, fonts and overall look across all platforms. It’s the foundation of clients’ branding.




Website Design

Now with the new logo and some clear branding-guidelines in place, we started the website design.  This website design project had many challenges. This is an online course for young adults charged with underage drinking offenses. The design had to be professional but also visually clear and attractive for this demographic. The course consists of several tests and educational pages, which must be followed in order.  The design had to support the educational program, by making the test forms easy to use, and the information pages easy to read.

Below shows the new website design for the home page:



WordPress Training, SEO, and Content Writing

This project was done with  Mary Ecsedy at Circuit Riders, LLC. The best part is the WordPress training that she provides, plus the SEO, and the Content Writing. Now the client is able to do all their own updates and take full ownership of their website. But we are always here for assistance.


The project also included a tri-fold brochure to be given to the young offender and their family’s explaining the program. The choice is the Smart choice program in the privacy of their home or attending classes in a group setting. At first iDesign produced 15 copies for a proof of concept, then later there was 500 printed. iDesign handled all the printing logistics. Providing the client with quotes, overseeing the printing. iDesign never up sells the cost! The quote the printer gives is just that, we NEVER add on more charges.




Below are some other samples of the work that iDesign Pittsburgh did for Smart Choice, including Certificate of Completion and professional letterhead design:




In summation, this is a interesting and on going project, There were a lot of complicated issues to deal with along with the legal system.


Questions? Please contact me at (412) 721-4764 today to discuss your graphic design needs, and how to make the right impression in print and on the Web to support your business goals.







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