The PinkPamper is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for those who are battling some form of cancer, medical hair loss, or the effects of physical abuse. In 2008, Marsha Davis Started this organization and soon her vision became a big success. Now wanting to take the organization to the next level, she approached Mary Ecsedy at Circuit Riders, LLC. and iDesign Pittsburgh to help.

Logo Design

iDesign Pittsburgh presented them with several proposed ideas for a new logo. It needed to be pink, fun, and feminine but still look professional to attract corporate sponsors. Below are just 4 examples that illustrate the progression of the logo design/review process:






After a few revisions this was the final logo:








Branding Guideline Sheet

After the Logo was finalized, a simple logo branding-guideline sheet was provided in a .pdf  file. This sheet helps clients to visually see how the logo should best be represented. This keeps continuity of color, fonts and overall look across all platforms. It is the foundation of the branding.






Website Redesign

Now with the new logo and some clear branding-guidelines in place, a complete re-design of their web site was started. Below shows there original. It was working for them but really needed a fun but professional look and more importantly they needed to be able to update it themselves, and also be able to except donations.


Website redesign example before


Website redesign example after

Now above is their new website. It has a professional look; it also has a clear call to action and donation button in the header.

WordPress, Training, SEO, and Content Writing

This project was done with  Mary Ecsedy at Circuit Riders, LLC. The best part is the WordPress training that she provides, plus the SEO, and the Content Writing. Now the client is able to do all their own updates and take full ownership of their website. But we are always here for assistance.

Below are some other samples of the work that iDesign Pittsburgh did for The Pink Pamper organization, including Save the Date posts card and flyer:





























In summation,This was a Fun project, The Pink Pamper organization gave iDesign Pittsburgh creative freedom.

Questions? Please contact me at (412) 721-4764 today to discuss your graphic design needs, and how to make the right impression in print and on the Web to support your business goals.


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