iDesign Pittsburgh was proud to work with Shepherd’s Finance on this great project. Everything had to be reviewed and approved by the Shepherd’s attorneys, and then it had to pass review by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the equivalent agencies in all the states where Shepherd’s does business.

This work involved a total rebranding, starting with the logo.

Logo Design

The client wanted to use a shepherd’s crook, which presented several challenging design issues. Most of these involved original efforts to make the crook appear as the letter “S”. The logo files were delivered in all common graphic file formats,  including all vector .ai files. The client has complete ownership of their own logo.

Below are just 4 examples of the progression of the logo design process.

Logo Design Progression Example






Final Logo Design:

Logo Design for Finance Companies







logo design specification sheet

Branding Guideline Sheet

After the logo was finalized, iDesign Pittsburgh also provided a logo branding-guideline sheet  in a .pdf file. This is a logo specification that helps clients to visually see how the logo should best be represented. This keeps continuity of color, fonts and overall look across all platforms. It’s the foundation of clients’ branding. 







Website Redesign

Now with the new logo and some clear branding-guidelines in place, a complete re-design of their web site was started. Below shows their original website design that had an almost childlike feel; it did not at all look like someone you would trust to invest money with.


Website ReDesign for Shepherd's Finance


Website Redesign Pittsburgh PA


The new website has a professional look, but more importantly, it has a higher client conversion rate. The SEO, content, and easier navigation helps their potential new clients find them on the web and understand what their value is compared to their competition.

WordPress, Training, SEO, and Content Writing

This project was done with  Mary Ecsedy at Circuit Riders, LLC. The best part is the WordPress training that she provides, plus the SEO, and the Content Writing. Now the client is able to do all their own updates and take full ownership of their website. But we are always here for assistance.

Print Ads


To the right is an example of a full page color ad for financial publications.

The biggest challenge was that Shepherd’s also needed 4 other smaller ads, in both B/W and color, with 4 different versions each, for a total of 16 ads. They all needed to go to the lawyers and then to the SEC at the same time for approval. The ads needed to be flexible to changes in order to keep the cost down.


Below are examples of 2 of the smaller ads:




Below are some other samples of the work that iDesign Pittsburgh did for
Shepherd’s Finance, including LED billboards:





In summation, this was a large project, and as you can see iDesign Pittsburgh can handle all graphic design projects large or small.

Questions? Please contact me at (412) 721-4764 today to discuss your graphic design needs, and how to make the right impression in print and on the Web to support your business goals.