Freelance Graphic Designer
in Pittsburgh, PA

Businesses that try to function without professional Logo and Branding are invisible, passing on the vital opportunity to announce professionalism, credibility, and memorability.  iDesign Pittsburgh will never use clip art. You will always get an original work, plus a logo specification that will serve as the foundation of your brand development. I will listen to your ideas look at any sketches or sample ideas, always working to ensure the final result are what you want to represent your business.

DNA Landscaping

New logo design for DNA Landscaping a Pittsburgh-based Company. Great people and they do great work, Fun project.


Your Personal Image Inc.

Your Personal Image, Inc. has been taking care of beautiful people in Bethel Park and its surrounding communities for 25 years.

Lawn Patrol


New logo design for lawn Patrol is a Pittsburgh-based Company. The client had an idea for his look, I just brought it to life for him. Fun project.

Special Event Tech.

Pittsburgh Logo and Branding Project Examples - by Robert Clark at iDesign PittsburghSpecial Event Technologies is a Pittsburgh-based Company. iDesign re-designed their logo and will soon be developing their new website, the focus will be design an helping to get the ranking on all web search engines.

S4 Entrepreneurs

Professional Logo Design - Graphic Design PittsburghS4 Entrepreneurs is a company based in St.Louis.  They offer a verity of service to entrepreneurs such as Mentoring, Client Partnerships and Eduction. iDesign work remotely with them to develop their Logo, Website and educational materials.

Shepherd’s Finance

idesign_shepherds_finance_logo Shepherd’s Finance was a great project. It involved a total re-branding. Starting with the logo. The client wanted to use a shepherd’s crook, which presented several challenging design issues. See the Case Study

The Pink Pamper

idesign_pink_Pamper_logo The Pink Pamper is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for those who are battling some form of cancer, medical hair loss, or the effects of physical abuse. See the Case Study

 The SmartChoice


SmartChoice is a startup company. They are a web-based program that can be utilized by the courts for underage drinking offenders. See the Case Study

 The Crescent Waters

iDesign Pittsburgh Cresent waters logoThis was a nice project from St. Louis. This very nice gentleman (a former U.S. Marine) is opening a float center. I hope it is a big success! iDesign was happy to help with this project. The underlying importance of this project is how he found me here in Pittsburgh. He was in need of a logo for his new float center and started searching on google images to see what other competitors were doing. I had done one for another company and he came across it (page #1). This is why SEO and keywords are important for your website.



Logo design for FlexRAID a highly scalable and smart storage system that turns independent hard drives of various sizes, makes, and models into storage pools and storage pools into storage clouds.

Circuit Rider


This was a re-design for Circuit Riders a professional business website consulting company located in Pittsburgh, PA.

PNC Park

idesign_pncpark_logoThis logo was one of my favorite. Beating out designers from larger agencies in Pittsburgh. Go Bucs!


This is just a small sample of major projects.
Questions? Please contact me at (412) 721-4764 today to discuss your graphic design needs, and how to make the right impression in print and on the Web to support your business goals.