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In 1988 I started my career as a graphic designer fresh out of college. At that time the industry was still doing everything by hand. Designs were sketched out on paper in ink or color pencils. Then they were sent back to the client for approvals. Then back again to the drawing board for changes.  Once those were done it was time for the production work: final drawings and color separations.  This was a very painstaking process that took a long time and was expensive, but the results were top-quality.

While interviewing for a job, I came across a little -known Pittsburgh graphic design company named Priority Graphics. As I walked down the halls to my interview, I noticed there were small computers on all the desk and I realized that they were one of the verMac-128ky first desktop Mac’s by Apple. I decided that no matter what the pay, I would take it because I realized that computers were going to become the future of the design world and I wanted to be a part of it.

I started as a Production Artist. Staying after work, when everyone went home, I taught myself all the programs, incorporating my hand skills to the designs on the computer. I made a very solid start in production and design of material for both offset printing and silk-screening for specialty items executed both conventionally and now electronically, receiving an Honorable Mention from the Western Pennsylvania Printing Industry. When Pittsburgh lost its industry a few years later, we were informed the Co. was closing. With my new-found skills I set out again looking for a new job.

Just a few short weeks later in 1999, I received a call for an interview with Federated Investors. Armed with my new design skills, I went into the interview with a different attitude, because I knew they needed me! I will never forget getting into the elevator just amazed…everyone else in their corporate garb and me in a borrowed suit.

The following week I started at Federated as a Graphic Designer, with a really cool cubical on the 17th floor on the Federated Investors Building. I was responsible for original concepts, known for rapid execution. I worked closely with a very diverse group, including writers, production staff, account executives, managers, and other designers. I conducted press checks ensuring the quality of printed materials, and I managed our vendors and our business with paper companies. My assignments included: direct mail campaigns, promotional material, educational literature, and legally required financial literature. I was recognized in the company’s “You Make a Difference” employee award program seven times and was 1994 Employee of the Year – the first person ever in the Marketing department. (Federated sent my wife and me on an all-expenses-paid trip to England.)

In 1996 I received a call from an old co-worker and was asked to interview for a Senior Designer position with a new start-up technology company. FORE Systems Inc., in Wexford, PA. (Now the Marconi Corp.)  I took the promotion. It was a nice pay raise and the stock options were cool. I worked closely with other staff in departments including engineering, sales service, and production. Responsibilities included electronic publications and computer graphics for technical literature used in trade shows, White papers, and World Wide Web pages. Recognized for Outstanding Contribution To The Success of Fore Systems.  Although the position was not a very good fit for me, (not very creative) I ended up moving on. I never regretted working there and learned a lot about the technology industry.

idesign pnc park logo
PNC Park Logo Design

I started doing freelance graphic work, and put my beliefs into practice. A cost-effective, responsive, result oriented freelance design dedicated to your success. It’s what iDesign is all about and it is what drives me each and every day. iDesign …for you, with your goals in mind. No fancy office space, meeting rooms. With today’s technology and budget cuts, I am proud to be able to pass the cost savings onto you.

In 2012 I started working on branding and website projects with Circuit Riders, LLC, a Pittsburgh website design and marketing company. It’s a good partnership. The Web developers at CR are really technical, and they specialize in website development, Search Engine Optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. We’re doing complete corporate branding projects: logos, business cards, websites, social media pages, etc.

Questions? Please call Robert Clark at 412.721.4764 today, or send me a message, to talk about your professional graphic design needs for your business.

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